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What Makes Vintage Sewing School Different?

Learn The Art of Garment Renovation!

This is a one-of-a kind online school where you don't just learn merely 'how to sew' by following an instruction manual (i.e. a pattern), but learn the age-old skill of dressmaking, so that you gain an understanding of the principles of dressmaking needed to not only sew, but to create! And to refashion, alter, fit and mend all your own clothes at home!

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Tell me if any of this sounds familiar?

You find amazing clothes all the time, but they don't fit
your body shape...

You’re frustrated because you find fabulous clothes at the thrift store that are,
almost your style, but even though you know 'how to sew' you have no idea how to turn ready-made garments them into something you REALLY want to wear...

You want to save money and NOT buy fast fashion by knowing how to mend anything and refashion clothes you already have?

You say to yourself
"I'm going to learn how to sew!",
Buuuut, it still hasn't happened, mostly because you have no-one to show you?

You have altered a few things yourself, but they just didn't turn out how you wanted and
mostly ended up looking like home made disasters?

Well my friend, you’re in the right place!


These are some of the current courses/topics that are already available and you have access to as soon as you join!

  • SEWING 101 --- Start from the very start and learn the functions and how to thread your machine and get started sewing with your first project. Learn basic sewing terminology and techniques you will need to get for all your future projects!

  • SEWING SKILLS LIBRARY --- This is where ALL the sewing skills live! Designed so you can pick and choose what you need, as you need it! Here we cover unpicking (refashioning requires a lot!), seam finishes, 4 ways to hem, how to sew buttons, gathering, gathering sleeves and... zips!

  • STEP-BY-STEP WORKSHOPS --- When you're learning to refashion, you just want to follow along with a project all the way from start to finish, with all the work done for you! So included you will find my two most popular workshops The Simple Ladies Blouse and Pockets In Everything!

  • HOW TO KNOW WHAT YOU CAN ADJUST? --- Lets' take a look at what kind of alterations will suit your skill level and what are the things you should look for in the construction and fit of a garment, so you can know if it is even possible to alter something! And you don't buy things you can't work with!

  • ALTERING AND FIT 101 --- We look at blouses, skirts, and dresses separately, in the different types of each and how to assess the fit, and how to fit these ready to wear items to your body! We cover how to take inside seams, creating bust and waist darts, lifting and narrowing shoulders, gathering in sleeves, shortening waistlines.....

  • RECREATING THE DECADES --- We will go over the decades 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's and I will give you my top styling tips and take you inside my own wardrobe on what to look for in modern clothing to replicate each of these decades in style! This module is a favorite of students!

Future Course Roadmap

Some of the courses/topics planned for the future, new lessons on these topics will come out every month!

  • MENDING --- Your complete guide to learn to mend anything!

  • RE FASHION WORKSHOPS --- More creative step by step refashions you can copy and customize to make your own!

  • FABRICS -- A deep dive into understanding the types of fabric, how they are made and how to identify!

  • WORKING WITH PATTERNS --- Everything the pattern envelope doesn't tell you!

What students say:

- Bernice Bell

"I learned more about sewing from Evelyn's free class than I did from an expensive 6-week in-person course! I now recommend it to everyone who mentions to me they want to start sewing"

- Dorothy

“This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to sew properly, and quickly. All the essential tools are offered, PLUS you get all sorts of tips and tricks along the way to make things turn out great and make the sewer feel competent, and cry less. For instance, I had no idea about adjusting the armhole to the sleeves, and vice versa. Makes me dizzy to know so much now.”

- Cybil Goodrum

"Even though I already know how to sew, this course has been soooo informative! One of the things I like best is that you can go at your own pace. There are so many helpful tips for alterations as well as tips for fashioning different eras, and Evelyn makes everything so clear and easy to follow. I think anyone from beginner to advanced sewer would benefit so much from this course. "

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  • Complete self-paced learning in the comfort of your own home!

  • New lessons every month all designed to build on the skills you have already learned.

  • Teacher support with monthly Q&A and accountability with monthly challenges!

  • Community of like-minded individuals, crazy about vintage sewing just like you!

Meet Evelyn! Your Sewing Teacher!

Head Dressmaker at Vintage Sewing School

Evelyn Wood

Hi, I'm Evelyn! I'm a life long dressmaker with a love of everything SEWING VINTAGE & FASHION, and my obsession is helping others on their sewing journey! Over the last few years, I have been inspiring and teaching budding new sewers, just like you, the ins and outs of sewing and refashioning your own clothes through my YouTube channel, which has now accumulated over 5 million views! I have a focus on refashioning, mending and being sustainable in my sewing. I love to emulate not only the fashion of the past but also the sewing ethos too! I love sharing what I have learned over my career and the thought processes I go through to help others become the sewer they want to be!


Still have questions?

  • How does it work?

    Think of it like Netflix for sewing! With your monthly subscription, you have unlimited access to all current lessons, access to the community, and all the new lessons added each month, for as long as you are a paying monthly member.

  • How much does it cost?

    It is a monthly subscription, right now it is $19 USD per month (automated recurring payments)

  • What if I want to cancel my monthly membership?

    You can cancel anytime. Your sewing journey is important to me and If you're ready to part ways for any reason, just email info@evelynwood.com.au to cancel.

  • I know nothing about sewing, I don't even have a sewing machine yet, can I still join?

    YES'! You can start from scratch! Start with the Crash Course and then go from there! Each of the skills and courses builds on the last and it is designed to be a sewing journey as your skills increase!

  • I already know how to sew, is this course too basic for me?

    Not at all. This course is aimed at the new and intermediate sewers. So even if you have been sewing for a while and know the basics, if you are looking to gain more knowledge on how to work with ready made garments (something no one else teaches), fit and tailor clothing to your body, or want some creative inspiration on how to alter and refashion clothing with step by step refashion workshops and go deep in your understanding of dressmaking and get more professional finished to your work, this is still for you!

  • How do I access the lessons?

    All the lessons are available inside Vintage Sewing School. All you need to do is log in and from the Members Lounge you can view all the lessons and community, on any device, and you can also auto-resume where you left off!

  • I don't dress in vintage style, is this still for me?

    Yes of course! While my personal aesthetic is certainly a vintage style, and I do show you how you can achieve similar looks yourself, sewing is about creating personal style! All the skills are covered so you always can create things in YOUR style, that's the point! You will learn to understand dressmaking principles so you can create what you imagine in your head!